The Internet Domain Name is for sale.

This domain name is designed to allow a business to advertise a slogan along the lines

We're Number 1 in Getting Tr1m™

The word Tr1m™ tells everyone that your website is about getting Tr1m, Taut and Terrific, yet is unique enough to give you both a great word and a great phrase, both of which can be used for Branding your business.

Short, simple, easy to type and yet distinctive. It has a fun sense of naughtiness about it. A unique single word name that's easy to remember yet has character. Make Tr1m™ the new age way to say Trim.

This uniqueness will allow you to be number one in all search engines in a very short time.

Don't waste money and time advertising a domain name if it is a standard dictionary word or words that anybody can use? It makes better business sense to use a distinctive Trademark that you own.

This domain has had its own website for some time. As a result, most of the search engines are already aware of it. When you create your website, the search engines will simply consider it a modification of an established website. This will give it significant precedence over newly created websites.

As part of this domain's purchase, we will continue to serve this website until you are ready with yours, or no longer wish us to, or for up to an additional year. This allows the search engines to see a direct continuation of the website.

The purchaser will also get all or any Trademark rights we may have that relate to the use of the word Tr1m™.

There can be only one website in the whole world with the address of so the first to buy it will be the only one that has it.

Criteria for Great Domain Names

  1. Has individuality. An absolute requirement to be able to trademark a name is that it cannot be a standard dictionary word. This is more important than most people recognize. Companies have actually lost their Registered Trademarks due to them becoming standard dictionary words. (e.g. Zipper)
  2. Is Short and Simple.
  3. Easily Recognizable.
  4. Good Names need to be in the .COM domain. Having remembered the name, people expect to just type a .COM after the name. Better still, if the user just types a name without a .COM or similar extension, the browser assumes .COM and adds it to the name typed. Thus .COM domains have become the true International Trade Marks.
  5. Domain Name Appears as a single word.
  6. Name Describes the product, service or Some Major Marketing Aspect of it.
  7. The individuality or character aspect should give promotional capabilities. For example, the Numeral 1 replacing an I in a name is used to say You are Number 1 IN this Product. is better than as you able to say that you are 'Number 1 IN getting Tr1m™'. Marketing slogans that involve the Brand Name itself, either through the spelling or pronunciation of the name get people to remember the Name.
  8. Has no additional dashes or characters that aren't used for promotional aspects.

The domain offered here fits all of the above criteria.

The importance of Branding Distinctively, such that your Brand Names can be made Intellectual Property that you Own, cannot be overemphasized. For example, regardless of extensive money spent in appeals, the domain owners of and were both rejected in their attempts at registering their domain names (including the .com) as Registered Trademarks.

What's the use of spending thousands of dollars of your money and time to advertise a trading name if your name is a standard dictionary word that anybody can use? Most large successful companies have made the protection and exploitation of their brands the cornerstone of their business.

This is a unique name in the style of Google, Yahoo, Amazon, or Paypal, but better than them as it tells your clients that your website is 'Number 1 IN Getting Tr1m™'. There are good reasons why names like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Paypal and Tr1m™ are great names for multi million dollar companies. They have character, are able to be used as Brands and are easy to remember.


To give full protection to the purchase, deals of this nature can be transacted using an Escrow service when the amount is large. This means that payment is made to a trusted financial institution and held in trust there until the domain title is transferred to the purchaser. Cost of Escrow is the responsibility of the buyer

Some possible payment methods are as follows:

  • Use of Moneybookers This is the cheapest Escrow service available for Escrow transactions that are less than US$20,000. Current Escrow cost is 1% of payment.
  • Use of ESCROW.COM. This is a financial organization owned by eBay and recommended by them. They work out to be competitive or cheaper when the transaction value is greater than US$20,000. There is no ability to use credit cards or Paypal in their transactions.
  • Use of This gives no Escrow but is a reliable and easy to use system. It will also save you the extra costs involved in escrow.
Please contact us at the email address below for further details needed to use any of the above services.

Notes on Domain Name Transfers

The lucky purchaser can open an account on any registrar and get this domain transferred to that account. We will provide all the details needed.

Tr1m™ is a Trade Mark of is a business in Victoria, Australian. trades on eBay using the eBay registration name OutstandingBranding. See for further details.

For any purchases or enquiries please contact Ken at phone +613 9809 2083.

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